Trump and the globe

Fernando Mendez | 4/21/2017, 11:31 a.m.
Trump and the globe
Donald Trump | Foto Cortesía

Trump is in the news all the time and there is no way to avoid his name. It is as though there is a huge board over the Country that says TRUMP. In an odd juxtaposition of events, on the same day the Patriots went to the White House to be honored by President Trump one of their former athletes Aaron Hernandez killed himself in his jail cell. Hernandez had been convicted of killing a neighbor and was serving a life-sentence. Neither Trump nor the visiting team seemed to be concerned with the tragic ending of Hernandez. Trump celebrated the Patriot’s victory in the NFL Super Bowl and the Patriots owner celebrated Trump’s victory over a field of 16 Republican candidates. Trump is in the news constantly, complaining about “fake news,” the unfriendly media and the intransigent Democratic party that is blocking his executive orders and the rest of his agenda. Sometimes he seems to realize the seriousness of his job but most of the time he is on twitter expressing frustration, threatening his critics and sounding less than presidential. He is constantly on the defense due to the less than transparent decisions on his taxes and investments. He may not be breaking the law regarding his taxes but he is breaking with tradition and creating more controversy and suspicion.

Adding to the problems he created with executive decisions like the Muslim travel ban, he is now looking for problems across the ocean attempting to intimidate Kim Jong-Un the North Korean dictator who launched harmless missiles in an attempt to respond to Trump’s threats. His sudden U-turn regarding China can be explained as an attempt to get Xi Jinping to side with the U.S. against North Korea. But Jong-Un is just as erratic and unpredictable as Trump and not likely to let the Chinese leader control his moves. the puzzling announcement of “an armada,” launched in the direction of North Korea added to the lack of credibility. The ships that he announced were 3000 miles away from North Korea. In the meantime the announcement created more stress around the globe because the Koreans promised to retaliate with atomic bombs.

Trump has expressed himself clumsily on domestic matters as well as foreign policy and he seems unable to drop the campaign mode and the defensive postures he has adopted after winning the election. What bothers the Republican senators and congressmen is that they will have to go home toffee an unhappy electorate that has seen nothing accomplished since the Republicans took over the reins of government. As of this point Trump is failing the test of leadership and we cannot see how any of his experiences are helping him to shape more intelligent policies. John F. Kennedy faced there threat of nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union, but at that point this country knew that the decisions were in the hands of leaders who had come to power possessing political experience, seriousness of purpose and ability to inspire trust. That cannot be said of this president and that worries the world.

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