Promoting injustice

Fernando Mendez | 8/4/2017, 4:16 p.m.
Promoting injustice

President Trump was recorded for posterity promoting violence. In a speech to a police group he said: “Please don't be too nice' while arresting 'thugs,' and don't worry about their heads when you toss them in the paddy wagon.” The police officers present at that event applauded. Shame on them.

The reaction from professional chiefs of police and others was immediate. Some called it boorish and in line with his tendency to bully people. Nobody will forget his insults to other politicians and his European trip when he pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro in order to be in front for a photo. But this case is different even though, upon realizing the negative reaction to his words, he claims he was “joking.”

Policemen who are interacting with people on the streets had to hear from their immediate superiors that they did not approve of the president’s words. And we can be certain that most policemen and policewomen sill respect the law and will not mistreat people they arrest. Mr. Trump should know that not everybody under arrest is a criminal, and everybody is innocent until found guilty. His appeal to the police fits his character and his modus operandi on other issues.

Trump wants to impose his will, his way of doing things, regardless of the law. That doesn’t sound like democracy. There are credible reports that he wrote the letter Donald Trump Jr. wrote to explain his meeting with Russian lawyer was written by the president, and that the letter was crafted while he was on the plane. That gives new meaning to the phrase doing things on the fly. We have to ask how much longer will the Republican leaders continue to maintain an unnerving silence bending to the will of this absurd man, one of the worst rulers on earth?

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