To be or not to be

Fernando Mendez | 8/31/2017, 2 p.m.
To be or not to be
Donald Trump | Foto Cortesía

Well, it is not about Shakespeare, but about being a Republican. We don’t have a real Republican in the White House--the man was a Democrat most of his life--and the GOP is in control of the legislature but unable to do anything productive. There is no repeal of Obamacare, and no matter how many times they try, it will not pass. And because they cannot follow the lead of the president they cannot advance their agenda. Donald Trump cannot get rid of the dark cloud represented by the investigation into his dealings with Russia. The news about how the president tried to bully Mitch McConnell about suspending the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, will add to the dossier being created by the special counsel Robert Mueller. Each day there are new revelations that throw a bad light into the present administration. The meeting between a Russian lawyer connected to Putin and members of the Trump team that included Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner has slowly evolved into a major problem for this administration. A recent report from the Washington Post highlighted the fact that a Trump lawyer reached out to the Kremlin regarding a Moscow Trump Tower project. Felix Sater, a Russian born developer proposed a meeting between Putin and Trump. Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort testified in a close door hearing before Congress, and the following day the FBI raided his home to collect important records. There is the stench of corruption, collusion, backroom deals through the whole Russian affair.

A few times when he has used a teleprompter, Trump has managed to sound coherent and almost presidential. We say almost, because on at least one occasion, when he was forced to speak about Charlotsville and address the issue of racist attacks by extremists he couldn't sound sincere--he sent a message with his cadence and his body language that he did not mean any of those words. Then a few days later, he actually went back to his claim that there were bad people “on both sides,” making it clear that those were his real thoughts.

There is a continues stream of negative news spilling out of the front door of the White House. First it was Micheal Flynn, then Paul Manafort, then Sean Spicer. Jeff Sessions is out of favor even though he was the first senator to support Trump’s candidacy. He has offended John McCain after calling him a hero for flying in to cast a vote in the midst of recovery from a brain operation. He has campaigned against his own party. right now he is engaged in a feud with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in what a paper calls “a battle for the soul of the Republican Party. Flake’s book “Conscience of a Conservative,” challenges the president’s performance. Flake supported Trump but he writes now that Trump is “all noise and no signal.” In Texas terms that “he is all hat and no cattle.” Trump is not a conservative and he is not presidential material. When will the noise come to an end?