Immoral vision

Fernando Mendez | 12/8/2017, 11:31 a.m.
Immoral vision
Trump y Flynn | Foto Cortesía

The stench of malfeasance is everywhere in this administration. The latest news about Mike Flynn relate to his short and controversial tenure at the White House as a National Security Advisers. Even after it came out that he had been holding conversations with the Russians and had other suspicious business deals Flynn remained a loyal ally of Donald Trump. That loyalty is now in jeopardy because Flynn is speaking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about his business deals and his attempt to push forward a proposal for a power plant in which he had business interests during the first week in the White House. But Flynn is not the only present official or former Trump ally in trouble.

We know that Robert Mueller is also talking to other members of the administrations including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his long time business associate Rick Gates, George Papadopoulus, a man who promoted better relations with Russia--listed as a former foreign policy adviser by Trump himself. He was seen speaking to Russian officials like Ambassador Kislyak. J.D. Gordon also disclosed that he had met with Kislyak. and Roger Stone, who has described himself as a “master of political dark arts.” Nevertheless during his most recent trip he helped a private meeting with Putin and nobody knows what was discussed. In view of the on-going investigation Trump’s behavior, embracing Vladimir Putin, represents a contemptuous attitude towards Mueller and towards those who see him as partner in crime with the Russians who apparently helped his election. We are long past the point where Russian interference in the 2016 election is mere speculation. the only people who deny it are the Russians and Donald Trump.

But we should be concerned with the actions of this president beyond his stated sympathy for the Russian dictator. This president has done nothing substantial since he took office even with his party in charge. At least he has done nothing that he should be proud of. He has undermined our faith in the institutions of government, he has supported racists groups and brought the world very close to a nuclear confrontation with Kim Jong-un, the lunatic leader of North Korea. As of this writing, a meeting at the White House with the Democratic leadership has been cancelled after Trump offended Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer saying he didn’t expect an agreement.

As president, we expect him to exert moral leadership, but how can we expect moral leadership from a man who has shown a total lack of candor, who tries to create his own reality based on unethical principles, who spouses racist views and whose appointments to different cabinets are intended to dismantle the organizations they are supposed to run. And now he has promised to sign tax legislation that will help the rich one percent of the nation, the large corporations, and will hurt the middle class. The tax plan is as immoral as this worst president of all time.

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