Damaging Leaks

Fernando Mendez | 2/17/2017, 8:46 a.m.
Damaging Leaks
Michael Flynn | Foto Cortesía

There is mounting evidence that Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential election, but because there is a need to have solid proof, there must be an investigation. According to the Wall Street Journal Donald Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin are under investigation by our intelligence agencies and they are keeping information from the president for fear of leaks. All of this is supremely ironic for Trump, who enjoyed making light of the leaks that damaged Hillary Clinton, and said repeatedly that he loved the leaks. The Russian connection continues to damage his administration and has just cost Michael Flynn his job. Critics insist that the GOP should support any investigation of Russian interference and possible attempts to blackmail the president or his aides.

The fact remains that any hint of impropriety undermines the public’s faith in our system of government. It did benefit Mr. Trump to create chaos and uncertainty during the campaign because that allowed him to present himself as the solution. He was amused by wiki-leaks and the damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s emails. He asked Russia “If you are listening I hope you can find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” He expressed great respect for Director Comey of the FBI. These days he is complaining about the FBI and the CIA leaking information to the press and he is no longer amused. His administration is being damaged by numerous leaks about the internal struggles, about the relationships of his people to Putin and about the appearance of chaos that he is projecting from the White House. His relationship with the intelligence community is damaging to him because the media is receiving information that should be kept secret.

At a press conference on Thursday February 16 the president said Michael Flynn was just doing his job. He was fired for lying to Vice president Pence. He also said he has no business in Russia and the reports about Russia is fake news. Some reporters complained that his long press conference was a distraction from the real issue of chaos inside Trump’s government. But the main worry for this president is the fact that he has been unable to stop the leaks. He is hoping that when Rex Tillerson at State and Mike Pompeo begin to deal with the leaks they will stop. Let’s hope so, because we have had enough with the daily controversies.