Democratic Party Future

Fernando Mendez | 2/23/2017, 10 a.m.
Democratic Party Future
Los demócratas ante dos visiones | Foto Cortesía

There are two wings fighting for the leadership of the Democratic Party. One wing, the Obama-Clinton wing favors former U.S Secretary of labor Tom Perez who says we have to change the culture into one of opportunity and inclusion. The Sanders wing favors Congressman Keith Ellison. Perez says the chair needs to be the organizer in chief and it si a twelve month strategy.

Jim Webb says the Democratic party has lost working people. He believes the aristocracy needs to be broken in both parties. Perez says January 20th was an important date because millions of Americans did not vote for Trump. But the Democratic Party lost because they lost touch with middle America. There other reasons for the loss, the fact that the Democratic Party is absent from rural America, that the rustbelt states were hoping Trump would revive their economies, that many women refused to vote for Hillary Clinton and a significan percentage of Latinos voted fro Trump. Many of those groups must have feelings of regret at this point.

Women have to be afraid of Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court although Judge Gorsuch, who believes in strict interpretation of the constitution seems to be more moderate than Scalia. Immigrants who voted for Trump and whose families are feeling less secure right now must regret their vote. Men who didn’t like the idea of a woman president and thought it was time for a businessman to take over the reins of government have to feel disappointed.

One thing Trump’s style of government and the multiple crisis he faces at this point illustrate is the fact that business experience is no guarantee of success. In fact, from our initial appraisal of the Trump era we would say his troubles will put to rest the idea that being a business leader without political experience is a good training ground for the presidency. Of course, it is still too early to tell but we can already glimpse a troubled future. There are many troubles ahead for this president that are not related to humans but to the whims of nature. Storms, North Korea, floods in the West, avalanches that destroy homes, hurricane season will be serious tests for the Trump presidency.

People want to see results from the government. For the time being the Democratic Party is benefitting from the controversies surrounding Trump from resignations to accusations of nepotism, but the party can only do that for a while and they are in need of strong leadership to compete with Republicans. The absence of Hispanics and African Americans in the Trump government will help the Democratic Party when it comes time to vote, but that may not be enough if they don’t do something to dhow the disenchanted Obama voters that they can reform, get rid of the elites, and fulfill the promises of the past.

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