Number One Priority

Fernando Mendez | 2/23/2017, 10 a.m.
Number One Priority
La Casa Blanca argumenta que no busca las deportaciones masivas | Foto Cortesía

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cited statistics that point out that “immigrants commit less crimes, as much as five times less crimes” than people who were born here. In order to placate some resistance, the administration is leaving some provisions, like the DREAM act in place. The White House claims that the mass deportation is not their objective, and that they want to deport people who represent a threat to our security--they have committed crimes. But it has expanded the definition of punishable offenses to crossing the border and driving without a driver’s license while at the same time making it almost impossible to get a driver’s license. New guidelines call for officers to capture and detain undocumented immigrants. Villaraigosa says: “let’s fix the broken immigration system,” and give the more than eleven million undocumented immigrants a chance to become productive members of this society. But he is one voice in the wilderness at this moment. Pro immigration immigrants are saying the this is one more attempt by the Trump administration to justify harsh new rules that forbid travel from those Muslim countries on the list and enables the authorities to jail mothers and children. The old immigration ban that created so much concern will still be in effect in spite of the court ruling. The new rules strengthen the ability of Homeland Security to arrest and imprison undocumented immigrants. In fact, we know that what they call detention centers are prisons. We know of one instance in Pennsylvania where mothers and children have been jailed for more than 350 days. When the women went on a hunger strike to get better treatment and demand action on their status they were threatened with being sent to harsher facilities in Texas. ScaringimmigrantsisTrump’snumberonepriority.

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