Big trouble ahead

Fernando Mendez | 7/21/2017, 10:18 a.m.
Big trouble ahead

Three champions of the poor, Susan Murkowski, Shelley Moore and Susan Collins forced the GOP to give up in their efforts to get a healthcare bill pass through the U.S. senate. “Let Obamacare fail, it will be a lot easier,” intoned Donald Trump who had to be frustrated that his GOP leaders in the senate were unable to get the needed votes. The bill had no heart, and even Trump said that at some point undermining his own party. Now that the struggle seems to have produced no fruit he is calling the no vote “cynical,” on the part of the Democratic Party. Trump claims to have passed more laws than any president, but the people who examine his statements have said the he is wrong and the the bills he has signed are not transcendental in any way. In truth the Democrats in the senate have been using delaying tactics throughout the first months of this administration, blocking the nominations of people to minor posts even knowing that they will eventually approve the nominations. As of this writing the GOP is still attempting to pass something. The president had called legislators to the White House to announce that the healthcare bill had passed in the House. Speaker Paul Ryan stood next to the president smiling and declaring that they had finally reached an agreement and Obamacare would be history. “It would be nice to have Democrats support this bill,” said the president, adding “but they have no ideas and all they want to do is be obstructionists.” Senator Corey Booker called the GOP proposed legislation “not only cynical but also sinister.” Trump did not reach out to any democrats and he is violating his promises. He said “Obamacare has failed.” Corey Booker said he should ask the people who have coverage now who didn't have it before. There is instability in Obamacare but a lot of it is due to the actions of this administration and the uncertainty created by Trump himself in his incessant tweeters.

Corey Booker also said that he and other senators have put forth ideas to reform parts of the Obamacare insurance that need fixing but it is hard to understand why so many Republican senators supported the new legislation to repeal Obamacare. This legislation that would cause hardship for millions of people was geared to give a tax break to the richest segment of the population. But in other news, Donald Trump and his aides remain at the center of a scandal that has been slow to develop but that may prove to be Trump’s undoing. It has been confirmed that there was an eighth person at the meeting in Trump Tower that Trump Jr. had initially dismissed as insignificant. Trump and everybody around him had denied any acquaintance with Russians, but top campaign officials attended as well as some Russians whose profile indicates less than savory connections. The last name to be revealed is that of Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian lobbyist who is believed to have been a Kremlin spy. And if the special counsel Mueller is able to connect the dots, Trump may be heading for more big trouble.

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