Passion and reason

Fernando Mendez | 7/27/2017, 4:17 p.m.
Passion and reason

John McCain flew to Washington to cast a vote, so debate on repealing Obamacare could take place. His critics don’t agree, and are puzzled by the vote because he said in a great speech before his colleagues that he could not support the bill in its present form. John Mitchum said that McCain’s speech should be taught in schools. He did make a beautiful speech stating that this “big, boisterous, brawling, intemperate, restless, striving, daring, beautiful, bountiful, great, good and magnificent country needs us to help it thrive.”

It is easy to see that at this point passion seems to be winning the battle. Vice president Mike Pence helped by casting a vote to break the tie and the bill passed 51 to 50 votes with two Republican senators voting against. the GOP just needs to pass something, they need to keep this fight going because they are afraid that they will be known for doing nothing during the past six months. That is what McCain said accompanying his words with a gesture of frustration. But for the GOP leaders this seems to be a political imperative pushing substance out of the way. There were immediate protests in the capitol in the senate office building. More than 90 people were arrested. What they approved was the start of 20 hours of debate. There is actually no bill that the senators can read and debate. The only impact of what is going on is to put an end to Obamacare hurting millions of people. A member of the Senate Health Committee, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said that there are hundreds of amendments that he plans to introduce. We are going to have a vote tonight and then another vote tomorrow. The rules allow for an infinite number of amendments. “This is the only time people will have to look at the bill,” said the senator. But the GOP controls the rules, so they may attempt to change the rules to stop us from introducing amendments. He also said his constituents are scared. “Parents of the disabled children, are scared.” He emphasized that this is life and death, and that is no hyperbole. If they don’t have Medicare they will not be able to take care for their children. But it seems that his colleagues in the senate have been pressured by Mitchell and president Trump to pass this bill. If the Republicans are responding to political pressure they don't have the support of McCain. “We are not the president’s subordinates. We are his equals,” said the senator.

One of the te Republican senators opposed to the measure, Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a speech outside the capitol that “ We have not lost that war. We shall not be silenced. The only chance we have is for people around the country to make their voices heard.” In the end the GOP could not pass the bill, and millions of people can rest assured for a while thanks to the courage of Senator Warren and others. Reason triumphed over passion.

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