Ignorant bystander

Fernando Mendez | 6/22/2017, 11:41 a.m.
Ignorant bystander

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) commenting on Trump’s lack of involvement in the discussion on the healthcare bill complained about the secrecy behind the discussions. Trump has called the bill “mean.” He has labelled Democrats obstructionists even though he seems to agree with the Democratic opposition. The salient point about this legislation is that it is being fashioned in the dark. Well, not literally in the dark, but it is being discussed by a small group of men and even Republican senators like John McCain have no idea what is in the bill.

Supposedly we will know more about it very soon. This legislation will affect the lives of millions of Americans and it should be discussed openly. If the intention of the senators is to present the bill at the last minute with virtually no time to read it and find out what it contains they will be looking for trouble. But healthcare is not the only bill this president has ignored. In his constant messages via Twitter the president comments every day about different subjects: about China, about Comey, about the congressional race in Georgia, and lots of tweets about ‘fake news.” Apparently he thinks the GOP bill being discussed in some underground bunker is not to his liking. And there is surprising number of issues that he knows nothing about or has not discussed with his spokesman. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said dozens of times that he has not talked to the president about any number of topics. His evasiveness could mean he doesn't want to tell us what the president thinks in case he gets it wrong or he prefers to let Trump speak for himself via Twitter. After six months in office, with all the controversy surrounding the results of the election and the number of times the press and Congress have discussed Russian interference it is hard to believe that Sean Spicer and the president have not had a conversation about this topic. But that is exactly what Spicer said in response to questions about what the president thinks regarding Russia’s interference.

“I have not had a chance to discuss that with the president,” said Spicer. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testified before the Senate and said that the Department of Homeland Security was not allowed to investigate the hacking of the Democratic Party. 16 to 17 agencies agree that the Russians attempted to disrupt the election. 21 states were targeted. Johnson said that the attacks were personally ordered by Vladimir Putin. Trump has refused to blame Putin and has said that the reason for the investigation is the the Democratic Party resents losing the election. It has been said that Trump doesn't want to discuss the Russian interference because it somehow detracts from his victory. In that context it is easier to understand why Spicer says they have not discussed it. They have, but Spicer has been ordered to deny that Trump knows anything about it. Trump is an innocent bystander, and Spicer is looking for a substitute because it takes a toll to have to lie to all the people all the time.

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