Fernando Mendez | 6/23/2017, 2:26 p.m.

This political mess has added trumpism to our vocabulary and its many meanings are mostly negative, hateful, racist, lacking common sense, and indicate radical change that replaces something with nothing. trumpism as regards the world is isolationism, anti Muslim, antagonistic, jingoistic and and lacking the basic ingredient of diplomacy. On the world stage as much as on the national stage trumpism is identifiable by aggressive behavior geared to beat the opposition into submission, directed at individuals or nations that must be humiliated.

trumpism is vulgar, intensely clumsy and insensitive. Even on the side of truth and justice trumpism is stated in clumsy, inelegant, insincere language that represents erratic and inarticulate leadership. Attacking North Korea, Assad or ISIS Donald Trump, the man who bragged about knowing words, cannot compel us to listen, to follow, to join in condemnation. He doesn't understand his role. He has appointed men and women to positions of responsibility that clearly represent the opposite of their intended obligations.

The Secretary of the Interior is anti environment, the Secretary of Education cares little for the education of the poor and the Attorney General is a defender of lies and illegalities. If this sort of president had been imagined by a novelist, the narrative would have been considered absurdly constructed and incredible because no president could be so irrational or unethical. Even Frank Underwood, who personally engages in assassination seems more rational. Underwood plots his moves in rational ways and lies and betrays because he is a criminal after all-- Trump lies because he is incapable of telling the truth. Trumpism is the absurd reality brought to us by a misguided election based on false promises, but this is a time for men and women of good will to wake up and steer the ship of state before we sink.

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