Mean government

Fernando Mendez | 6/29/2017, 11:49 a.m.
Mean government
El gobernador Kasich | Foto Cortesía

Governor Kasich of Ohio says he has a right to define what is conservative.”I am not sitting on the outside writing some white paper,” said the governor in response to the healthcare bill under consideration in the senate. We should listen to the people,” added Kasich who argues that the high cost of healthcare will make it more difficult for the working poor to join the middle class. Rural hospitals are closely watching the GOP healthcare bill because higher premiums and higher deductibles will make them roll back their services. Medicaid expansion has covered the treatment needed by people hooked on opioids and heroin overdoses, but the healthcare bill will bring benefits to an end across the nation.

Barack Obama said the bill is mean and Trump has used tweeter again to complain about Obama using his own word to judge the bill. We can understand why many are surprised at the use of the word on the part of Trump because that is exactly the way he got to the White House, by using meanness as his way to belittle all his opponents, insulting his way to the seat of power. He insulted Marco Rubio calling him “little Marco,” and Ted Cruz he labelled “Lying Ted.” Obviously the insults had an effect because they forced his opponents to address the insults instead of the policies or the lack thereof on the part of Trump.

Later on, having seen the effect of the insults on Ted Cruz he decided to use the same epithet on Hillary Clinton. It is hard for Trump to stop lying because he knows that is how he got to the White House. The GOP bill that Obama and Trump have called mean is only one example of the way Trump has created a climate of animosity and resentment across the country. Medicaid expansion has helped to increase the aid to children from about 7 million to more than 12 million--and increase of 58 percent. No matter how we look at the healthcare bill, it is mean and it is designed to give a tax break to the very rich and deny services to the needy.

Trump will try to tell us that the bill doesn’t hurt anyone. Because there is nobody around him to make him stop his incessant tweeters, Trump will continue to inflame hatred. He is the liar-in-chief, distorting every issue, and attempting to defend the indefensible because he thinks the White House is just another means of enriching himself and his family. He has now admitted that the Russians, who lie and cheat like Trump, did interfere in the election, something he had refused to do. The abundance of evidence gathered by our intelligence services, and the recent revelations about Obama’s knowledge of the interference, has encouraged Trump to finally address the issue openly. He is still not attacking Putin, who personally ordered his people to attack our system, he is using the information to attack Obama. And he will once more lie to us about the role his people played. And he will once more face the cameras and tell us he is telling the truth.

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