Immoral bill

Redacción Agencias | 6/30/2017, 2:38 p.m.
Immoral bill

The crisis will become more serious if the healthcare bill that is now being considered passes in its present version. Barack Obama already said the law is mean, and Trump used the same word. Critics in the media agreed, because the bare facts are known at this point really point to a bill with no heart--Trump has said he wants a bill with heart but nobody believes him. A few GOP senators as well as most Democrats are opposed. Rand Paul went to the White House to meet Grump and came out saying that Trump is willing to listen, asking if the Democrats are willing to deal. Republican leaders were hoping to pass the bill before the 4th of July recess, but there was no agreement in spite of intense pressure. The fact that the bill cut Medicaid and caused millions to lose coverage made it difficult to find support. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) said that there are things in the bill “that will absolutely hurt people.” Marco Rubio says “we should have an accurate baseline of where we are today,” before proceeding with any kind of reform. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) had this to say about the bill: “giving $231 billion in tax breaks to the top 2 percent is a cynical and immoral proposal.” The two parties are far apart. Senator Mitch McConnell, majority leader is hoping Trump will help to gather support saying Obamacare needs to go.

Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) say the Republican bill “is rotten at the core and that is why the bill has about 17 percent popularity.” If the GOP sticks to a bill that hurts working families and even GOP leaders question, there is a chance it can be defeated. It should be defeated.

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