Fernando Mendez | 3/9/2017, 10:54 a.m.
Trump utiliza Twitter para atacar y anunciar sus decisiones | Foto Cortesía

We have known for a long time that Donald Trump does not play by the rules. He uses Twitter as his main means of communicating directly with the public. No filter, just his phone and the people. And that worked for him during the primaries and the general election. He dominated the 24 hour news cycle. Every Friday night or Saturday morning, when the networks seemed to be concentrating on sports or entertainment he would used Twitter to bring the spotlight upon himself. And he didn’t rely on properly researched information, on his staff, or on any credible source. No need to verify statements, just throw out little intriguing nuggets to alarma the press, the politicians or world leaders. Serious observers of the political scene were hoping that the realization that he was sitting in the Oval Office, Commander in Chief of the most powerful military, with the nuclear codes not too far from his desk, the president would acquire instant maturity and stop letting the world know in 140 characters that he is unhinged, that nobody can control him and that we should all be worried about our future.

Perhaps it was amusing for a short while, it was a unique way to communicate with the citizens using shorthand instead of position papers, press conferences or press releases. But there is no deliberation, no sense that there is cause and effect in relation to his outrageous accusations against the media, against other politicos, against the intelligence services, against immigrants, against refugees, against Muslims, against Mexicans, and so on. He finally may have gone too far--or not, because we said that many times before and nothing seems to stop him. But accusing President Obama of a felony might be a bit too much even for his fellow Republicans. And there is no way Obama could just order anybody wiretap Trump Tower, unless he had a team of secret operatives. James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence said that “There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president.” Now Trump wants Congress to investigate an allegation that came purely from his imagination. His fingers moved faster than his brain and he had tweeted the lie before he realized what he had done. to make it worse, then he accused Obama of releasing 122 detainees from Guantanamo, stating that they rejoined the terrorists in the Middle East. That was also a false statement. The published report documented that George Bush released 113 of the prisoners and Obama released 9.

This is howTrump ignores real information, makes up his own figures, exaggerates, distorts or just plainly lies in order to gain the upper hand. But that perception of being on top is only temporary. He will be told he is wrong but he just moves on to another topic without explaining, and of course without apologizing for any misinformation he has spread. We are used to have the respect of the world but he has brought us shame and ridicule. Trump is mad and he should not be our president for much longer. It will take a little more time for our leaders to come to that conclusion.

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