Fernando Mendez | 3/16/2017, 10:12 a.m.
El caso de Yahoo es uno de los más recientes | Foto Cortesía

The Cold War highlighted the importance of espionage. We needed to know what was going on in the Soviet Union. Dictatorships are notoriously difficult to penetrate in spite of the fact that the citizens might feel oppressed. On Wednesday the FBI spokes person, Mary McCord indicted two individuals for hacking. This matters because it makes it clear that the cyber attack was state on state and there will be repercussions. We know that it was done in 2013 and 2014 before the current electoral process. Two hackers were paid by two Russian spies and the breach compromised 500 million Yahoo accounts. This criminal act demands a response and will make it more difficult for the Trump administration to continue to refuse to see Russia as the aggressor. The winner in all of this is the Russian Federation because it creates a sense of instability and concern among U.S. citizens, business and the different government entities.

As we know Wikileaks has just released a trove of CIA communications which officials have admitted are real. What this means is that the government is paying more attention to security on this front ande wants to hold foreign governments accountable for cyberspace attacks. A later disclosure by Yahoo of an intrusion in 2013 affected more than 1 billion user accounts. By naming the Russian equivalent of our NSA the FSB, a successor to the feared KGB, the FBI intends to send a message that Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent himself, is being held responsible for these attacks. How will Mr. Trump react now? He has refused to make any negative comments about Russia, evading the question of Russian hacking, asserting that he has no dealings with Russia, as though that is the topic. But now he may be forced to answer the real question.

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