ICE Threat

Fernando Mendez | 3/23/2017, 12:16 p.m.
ICE Threat

What is in a name? Well, we have written in this space that names are very important. They carry weight and they might sound more impressive when we hear them or appear on a marquee. Our names are carefully chosen by our parents and companies sometimes spend a lot of money trying to find a catchy name. As we know some companies change their names in order to sound more appealing or to make it easy for us to remember them.

One famous name that changed a long time ago was Esso when it became Exxon. When we first heard of ICE we thought it was all related to weather. But very soon we found out that the government had found a sort of benign name for one official entity that has inspired fear among immigrants. It used to have another name before the Department of Homeland Security decided to reorganize in 2003. It used to be called the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The original name appeared to include a path to citizenship, meaning that once you qualified to immigrate you could become a citizen, it seemed to take seriously the promise of the Statue of Liberty, that welcomed immigrants to their new nation. The government employees who debated the name must have understood the implications of the new name.

ICE is water becoming hard and we can be sure they liked that image. These days ICE is everywhere and immigrants around this nation, even those with green cards, are living in fear of deportation or of being denied entry if they have travelled abroad. We understand the need to control our borders and have a proper immigration policy, what we cannot understand is that this government seems intent on killing the hopes of millions.

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