World Futbol

Fernando Mendez | 3/30/2017, 10:09 a.m.
World Futbol
Messi se perderá cuatro partidos de las eliminatorias por ofensas a un arbitro | Foto Cortesía

It is fútbol but we have to spell it futbol to distinguish it from American football that eleven players play with their hands and only one guy can kick. In fútbol only one guy can touch the ball with his hands and he is the goal keeper, which makes sense. And we should be writing “she” because the Women U.S. team has shown that they can play soccer/futbol better than their male counterparts. Anyway, these days we are in possession of the remote control and will surrender it only when there are no games. We have seen Brazil looking its best after a few lackluster years. They are always among the best in the world, but Argentina, Uruguay and quite a few European teams have looked better in international competitions. We watched the U.S. team play Panama into a tie and looking a bit different under the new coach Bruce Arena.

The new man at the helm will now focus on coaching the team avoiding the management issues that plagues JurgenKlinsman, who was fired last week. All the things that happen outside the pitch are mere distractions. We have been watching Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay compete for a spot in the Russia World Cup 2018. And we have seen great futbol. Suarez, Neymar, James and many other great players that have left their European teams to put on the colors of their countries. That is what matters, great players doing what they do best. The biggest disappointment has been Leo Messi who insulted a referee and received a suspension of four games. That is not how you play the game and definitely not the way to help your team. Finally, the main thing is to enjoy the best futbol toward the Russia World Cup 2018.

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