Nowhere to go

Fernando Mendez | 5/5/2017, 5:44 p.m.
Nowhere to go

No, this is not a column about Syrian refugees, or the Venezuelans who are voting with their feet. The people without a place to go don’t belong in Hillary’s basket of undesirables, Mitt Romney’s 47% or the voters who helped Trump win in the rustbelt states and the presidency. The people without a place to go in the politics of this nation are those of us who support a sound economy, immigration reform, overhauling the public education system, rebuilding the infrastructure, helping the poor, taming the deficit, ending political corruption, etc. Oh, yes, we have heard many of these issues among the laundry list of promises politicos make in every campaign. For the Latino voters is even more difficult to find a place. We know that the Democratic Party takes our vote for granted.

It is not entirely the fault the party. Latino leaders have sided with the /Democratic party in almost every national election and in most local elections. In Philadelphia, the Latino vote is mostly ignored by both parties. For the insignificant number of Republicans who run for office the Latino vote means nothing. In Philadelphia the Republican party doesn’t exist and the Democratic Party controls everything unchallenged. They can always count on the unions, the African American vote and the superior numbers of registered Democrats. For all those reasons they never bother spending money in Hispanic media or campaigning in Hispanic neighborhoods. There is one state senator that knows personally the approximately 2000 voters who keep electing him, so he is not worried. If you are a Hispanic Republican who is not enamored of the Tea Party and despises Trumpism and refuse to give your vote to the Democrats, you have no place to go.

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