Fernando Mendez | 5/12/2017, 12:01 p.m.

When Donald J. Trump, mogul Real Estate developer from New York declared his candidacy for president of the U.S. many considered it as a joke on the American public, or a mockery of the Republican roster of candidates--anything but a serious and believable effort to take the White House. Nobody was laughing by last November, especially not Hillary Clinton and her team. Clowns to the right.

By this point in George W. Bush’s term, Bush had travelled to twenty-three states and a foreign country. Trump rarely leaves the White House or his Florida retreat. His plane lands and takes off the same day. From the start he surrounded himself with family and close advisers. His most frequent trips outside the White House have taken him to Mar-a-Lago which he has called the Southern White House.

Not content with having defeated other Republicans to win the nomination and then the Democratic Party, he has focused his attacks on the media. The media consensus that he has not been able to enact any meaningful legislation upsets his perception that he has transformed the country and the world. But in order to appear to be doing something he had his people read a press release that was announced as legislation to enact tax reform. The one page document is full of bullet points without any foundation and with no possibility for most of them to become reality. He did the same with repealing Obamacare, failing once more to pass any bills. The media reacted accordingly pointing out that there was no substance to any of the bills. His revenge? he refused to attend the Washington White House Correspondents dinner saying that it would have felt “hypocritical” to be there. Instead, he organized a rally to celebrate the 100 days of accomplishments.

This president is a narcissistic man who at this point seems disconnected from reality, claiming non-existent victories, alienating our friends and supporting our enemies. The only man he trusts and who speaks to him from his mirror tells him to drink his own magic potion. There are abundant rumors of his mental imbalance and evidence of his lack of understanding of domestic policy or international diplomacy. Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a dangerous man with so much power and so meager an understanding of his job. In the last issue of The New Yorker, Evan Ostos writes about how Trump could get fired. He describes an unhinged leader, drunk with his own power, and unwilling to listen to common sense advise. He believes Trump will not finish his term.

Trump has said the he loves words. “I know words,” he said during the primaries. But this man who loves words uses only a few and he uses them with exclamation points. He says all that he does is “Great!” and all his critics in the media “are dishonest.” And the worst part of his condition is that he will only hear what he wants to hear from inside his group of advisers and his family. Nobody inside his circle is telling this emperor that he has no clothes. His ignorance is exposed for all to see.

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