Sacrificial lamb

Fernando Mendez | 5/12/2017, 5:32 p.m.
Sacrificial lamb

The Russians are coming...the Russians are coming, the Russians are here. Russian Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Washington and was greeted by our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. They met briefly with the media. Andrea Mitchell asked the two of them as they were leaving if the firing of FBI director James Comey cast a cloud over the meeting. Dripping contempt Levrov responded: “You are kidding. You are kidding.”

The two leaders had met in Moscow and Tillerson assessed that meeting as one of the lowest points in our relationship. It has been a difficult road for the two countries in terms of maintaining a constructive relationship. Russia has been on the wrong side of the conflict in Syria. Russian planes had been bombing the resistance. When Trump ordered the bombing of an airport in Syria the Russians were alerted. But Putin continues to support Assad. Tillerson said that he hopes to continue the conversations that started in Moscow.

Reports of the visit were competing for our attention this morning, with the firing of FBI Director James Comey. “I will replace Comey with someone who will do a better job.” On APRIL 26 Deputy Attorney Gen Rod Rosenstein was sworn in. A week later Trump tweets that Comey gave Hillary a free pass. On May 3, Comey testifies that he stands by pre-election decision. Announces that probe into Russia’s meddling will go on. On Tuesday Rosenstein recommends Comey’s dismissal. On Tuesday afternoon a letter informing Comey of his firing is delivered to the FBI.

This is what we think happened. Putin demanded a gesture of good will before sending Lavrov to Washington. Comey is fired the day before Lavrov arrives in Washington. The lamb had been sacrificed, and now Trump and Putin can have a dialogue.

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