Sarah and Spicer

Fernando Mendez | 5/18/2017, 5:42 p.m.
Sarah and Spicer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Deputy AG wrote a report about Comey on his own. The Deputy Attorney General, a man who has enjoyed a great reputation as an ethical public servant is now under a cloud of suspicion. Trump accuses the media of being unfair to him. He refers to the New York Times as the “failing New York Times,” arguing that it will disappear and or be limited to the digital publication. Besides the fact that the future of all media is probably going in that direction, his attacks spur more interest. The lies he attribute to the media really are things of his own creation. He contradicted his own Vice President who said that the decision to fire Comey came from a document submitted to the president by the Deputy Attorney General.

But Trump said he had already decided to fire the FBI Director and that letter had no bearing on his decision. Sarah Huckabee looks uncomfortable relating fake news from the man she serves. And she is there because Sean Spicer could not take the questioning any longer. He had been answering questions about the lies and distortions from day one becoming fodder for late night comedians. Ms. Huckabee is in danger of going the same way. The president lies with aplomb and no amount of language gymnastics can fix that. He lies in public, in interviews, on Twitter, and in person. He tells his people to go out and meet the press and tell them things are not what they seem. They follow suit. Very soon this president will run out of people to sacrifice. The similarities to Nixon are obvious, especially in the last days of his tenure. We are watching Trump repeat the same errors, and we know how that ended.

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