Trump and Putin

Fernando Mendez | 5/18/2017, 11:52 a.m.
Trump and Putin

This administration actions are difficult to explain or justify. Everyday we must listen to statements that affirm one thing only to hear another statement the next day that refutes the previous day's statement. Sometimes the White House reporters feel sorry for Sean Spicer who has the incredibly difficult task of explaining it all to the press. More than once I have been caught in a contradiction, or stating something that is just not true. "Chemical Ali," the famous Iraqi Minister of Information also known as Baghdad Bob. He was asked about General Michel Flynn, the National Security Adviser who was fired for his connections to the Russians. The fact that Flynn remained the president's elbow for two weeks before being fired is disturbing on several fronts. Trump had been warned about Flynn's connection by Obama.

But Obama did not get rid of the guy and he told Trump that Flynn could not be trusted. We were all watching the White House because of the possibility of a Russian connection. At that point the worrisome appointments were Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who had taken pictures with Putin while trying to get business for Exxon. Trump had refused to make any negative statements about Putin, and it was assumed that he had some hidden business relationship with the Russian dictator. The issue of General Flynn has not gone away. Sally Yates, who served as interim Attorney General at the time is telling the Senate that she had made it clear that Flynn should not be serving because he was in jeopardy of being blackmailed by the Russians. Yates stated that she had made it very clear to the White House that Flynn should go. Spicer is now trying to explain that she was not clear about Flynn, implying hat Sally Yates, being an Obama appointee, was not trusted and that's why she had to go back to explain.

The White House insists on the fact that General Flynn served in the military for over 30 years, though that should be the end of the scandal. Spicer said: "Trump does not want to smear a good man," but that is not the point. Trump is clearly not mentally stable and there is reason to suspect Russian meddling. We do not understand why he attacked China and then changed his mind. I have attacked NATO, but then supported NATO. He attacked NAFTA but then he said that he wanted to restructure the agreement, not cancel it. He insists on building the wall but can not find the money. We see clearly that Trump gotten to be president through obfuscation and half truths. It is not surprising that one city in California filed suit to impeach him. The way I've put the healthcare bill through Congress shows that it's only a slim margin of support in Congress. I need a photo op no matter how small the victory. For that small and pyrrhic victory I have used whatever power he has. The way things are going Trump may need the protection of a Sanctuary City - in Russia.

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