Truth to power

Fernando Mendez | 5/18/2017, 3:30 p.m.
Truth to power

There are persistent rumors that Trump is batty, that he is walking around the White House unhappy about the news coverage, the press conferences, the mockery of Saturday Night Live, and more. It seems that someone on his own staff, K.T. McFarland showed him a copy of Time magazine covers. The Time covers were fake and the staff had to tell him the truth to avoid an outburst. He did get mad about the hypocrisy. Supposedly his staff intervened before Trump tweeted or made any comments. Now there are rumors of a staff shake-up. Nobody should be surprised.

We have read many articles comparing Trump to Hitler, to Nixon, to other mad rulers of the past. But he may be unique in the fact that he actually believes in his own invulnerability. Let’s remember that he said early in his campaign that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue and nothing would happen to him. He feels unjustifiably benevolent because he doesn’t go to New York to his Trump Tower apartment because it causes too much trouble. There are two forces working within him--both bad. One is his need for publicity. As we know he had a popular television show and owned the Miss Universe pageant among other high profile activities, and mostly because of his desire to appear to be a very important man. He believed his name alone should impress and open doors. He was surprised that there was any resistance to his desire to build “the best golf course in the world,” in Scotland. He built a hotel close to the White House before he realized he would be living next door. The other bad force is his ego, the feeling that he is all powerful He has refused steadfastly to release his tax returns, as though he should be above tradition and common practice among presidents. He said he had asked Comey about whether or not he was under investigation. In an interview with Lester Halt he says: “Can you tell me, am I under investigation?” According to Trump Comes told him the he wasn’t. With the former FBI director free to state what he knows, Trump could be worried about any denial of such conversations. He threatened Comey via tweeter, implying he taped the conversations. That would be totally illegal. So, he could prove that Comey said what he says he did, but now he could be accused of committing a crime.

This whole episode has been bad for Trump. He is allowed to fire or hire anybody he wants, but he chose the wrong person at the wrong time and for the wrong reason. He admitted that he had the Russia investigation in mind when he decided to act now. And of course there are strong similarities to another president who taped conversations. That man was discredited and his reputation ruined forever. Trump is heading in the same direction and he seems oblivious to his fate. People around him are afraid to tell him the truth. Mr. Trump you have no clothes.

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