Tillerson: Sanctions are beginning to have an effect on North Korean regime

Redacción Agencias | 11/10/2017, 7:29 a.m.
Tillerson: Sanctions are beginning to have an effect on North Korean regime
Rex Tillerson | Foto Cortesía

The United States Secretary of State said at a press conference in the Chinese capital on Thursday that the sanctions imposed by the international community on North Korea were beginning to have an effect on the country's economy.

According to Rex Tillerson, in the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Donald Trump, the former said that the North Korean regime was feeling the effects of the sanctions.

Tillerson said that information shared by China and US intelligence showed that the sanctions have created some stress within North Korea's economy, on some of its citizens and even on part of its army.

The US and its allies consider that the series of sanctions that the United Nations Security Council have imposed in the last few months on Pyongyang may force the Kim Jong-un regime to halt its nuclear and ballistic program and resolve the situation through dialogue.

According to Tillerson, North Korea and China's efforts to defuse the crisis were the focal point of the discussions on Thursday, and Xi shared the steps that China had taken, which included the blocking of North Korean banking transactions.

Tillerson said that there was no disagreement between the two countries regarding the North Korean regime and that both the superpowers agree that they will not accept North Korea possessing nuclear weapons.

He added that the US and Chinese efforts were working together to bring Pyongyang to the negotiating table to begin the long process of denuclearization.

However, Trump did not hesitate to mention that China was a powerful neighbor of North Korea with which it carries out 90 percent of its trade.