DACA decision

Fernando Mendez | 9/7/2017, 11 a.m.
DACA decision
Jóvenes protestaron contra el fin de DACA | Foto Cortesía

Trump didn't show his face. He spoke via twitter and sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make the announcement, something that the southern racist did with obvious enthusiasm. We should have expected something like this. We said: maybeTrump will change his mind in view of the recent dramatic losses caused by hurricane Harvey. He must know, like everyone who listens to the effects of the storm, that there will be a great deal of work to rebuild and that immigrant labor will do most of the work--if they are allowed to work. We though that his attention would be drawn towards the need to help Texas sand Louisiana deal with the damages caused by Harvey. Perhaps the problems with North Korea would take up a lot of his time. Or maybe he would deal with Maduro instead of attacking immigrants who have lived in the United States for a long time and have studied and produced for this economy. Most young people under DACA are contributing to our economy because like most immigrants they want to work to improve themselves. They have parents that brought them here looking for a better life. And they didn’t make the choice to come here but made the best of the situation. Barack Obama, who issued the executive order to allow “Dreamers” to work legally and be protected from deportation, stated that rescinding his orders “cruel. Trump thrives on cruelty. ” The Homeland Security Department immediately took action, declaring that no more applications will accepted and that those on the pipeline will be scrutinized more thoroughly. The reaction from immigrant rights organizations were also immediate in condemning the decision. We agree. This is a great loss of talent--a cowardly and heartless decision contrary to the spirit that founded this nation.

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