Filthy lucre

Fernando Mendez | 8/16/2018, 10:24 a.m.
Filthy lucre

We have more poor people everyday while Trump gets richer. We know that Jesus said “the poor will always be with you.” And the poor in every society throughout history have been promised redemption from poverty. And in almost every society the only people not living in poor housing and lacking the basic necessities have been the rich, those who govern and those who offer spiritual healing.

Let’s remember that Mother Teresa was unique and that for every dedicated servant of the Lord there have been thousands of priests, pastors, religious leaders of all faiths enjoying comfort and often luxury. The palaces of the princes and the edifices dedicated to the deities have always been the only places where poverty is absent.

In our country, the War on Poverty for the most part touched those who served the government programs, the bureaucrats. In most poor nations despots have enriched themselves and their friends at the expense of the poor, often raiding the national treasures before going into exile or ignominious death. The on-going debate about the “Emoluments Clauses” that is supposed to impede our public servants from enriching themselves. Never used before in the history of this country. The visit of a Saudi Prince and the fact that it benefitted Trump’s hotel is only one example.

Trumps is using the presidency to get richer. Now we know with certainty that Trump and his son Donald Jr. and Bannon, and other minions attended a meeting with the Russians. Now they are telling us that collusion is not wrong because they did it. But the evidence is growing about all the wrongdoings regarding Russia, the break with our allies in Europe, the crazy foreign policy that has led Trump to meetings with Putin and Kim Jong Un, the attempts to interfere with the Special Counsel investigation. This could be the end.

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