Dehumanizing Language

Editorial | 8/24/2018, 3:56 p.m.
Dehumanizing Language
Donald Trump. | Foto Cortesía

Donald Trump uses language to demean individuals who oppose him or, in the case of Hispanics, a whole ethnic group. We know what he did to his political opponents. After coming to the White House he has felt free to unleash his racist rhetoric banning Muslims from coming to this country. He called Hispanics “breeders,” as a way to imply that we procreate in excess.

He said Mexico sends us criminals. Perhaps, as that kind of thinking evolved, he found that it helped him to justify a policy where infants are separated from their mothers breasts. Perhaps by separating families at the border he hoped to destroy the people who threatened white domination, which as we know he defended implicitly calling white supremacists “good people.”

It is alarming that this is becoming the main stream way of thinking among Republicans who support him. It also led to Laura Ingraham’s rant about “the changing nature of our country.” She deplores the fact that this nation built by immigrants from all over the world is becoming more brown. That is what we identify as the Republican Party of today, the party of Donald Trump, because the elected leaders have refused to disown his racism, his abhorrent policies toward the poor of this country and the poor nations of the world.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al, have yielded the stage to Donald Trump allowing him to hijack and transform the party of Abraham Lincoln into a party of intolerance and bigotry. He has undermined our faith in our institutions, attacking the courts, the intelligence services, the FBI, the foreign service, and every institution that doesn’t serve his nefarious purposes. The damage to our international relations will take decades to assess. We have lost old and reliable friends and we have made new enemies. The most recent events serve to illustrate the level of damage this president has brought to our nation. Trump celebrated the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok because the agent had expressed negative opinions about him. His narcissism is boundless. He brought one of his Apprentice contestants to the White House, because “she says good things about me.”

Trump hired Omarosa Manigualt, a black woman, in spite of reservations by chief of staff, and then maneuvered to have her fired. She had protected him against charges of racism. Trump called her a “dog” in twitter causing an uproar off indignation around the country. Omarosa says she has more recordings of Trump that she will give Mueller if his office calls again.

The man in charge of running this country engages daily in twitter battles with former staffers in an attempt to discredit them. Everyday our anxiety elevates at the thought of what new embarrassment or outrageous revelations will ruin the day. Omarosa might be right in suggesting we “deprive Trump of oxygen.” He needs attention and thrives on controversy, and if we stop talking about him he will be left in a crazy dialogue with the 33 percent that love him. That is not a bad idea.

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