GOP Crash

Fernando Mendez | 2/1/2018, 8:41 a.m.
GOP  Crash

When we heard the news about a GOP train crash we thought it was in reference to their policies. We have seen in recent days as the Russia investigation got closer to the Oval Office that the GOP leadership and the extreme right wing Trump supporters circled the wagons to protect the president. And because the crash happened on the morning after the State of The Union speech by the president we also thought that the crash concerned the fact that the speech contained so many inaccuracies and fictional numbers. For instance the president seem to be talking about unemployment as though he performed a miracle when in reality the monthly numbers are not that different from Obama’s. He took pride in the State of the Union for undoing the requirement to buy insurance that was part of Obamacare. But the crash was actually a real crash between the GOP train and a truck. The train was on the way to a GOP meeting at The Green Briar in West Virginia. Several Republican congressmen and senators and some of their wives and children were on the train. One of the goals of the retreat is to bring the politicians and give them time to spend with their families. There was one fatality, and the train crashed about two hours away from the Green Briar resort. There were reminiscences of the attack on a baseball field where many of the same members of Congress were present. Fortunately there was only one death, but the accident shook the passengers. Critics were surprised to find out the the GOP still planned to hold a meeting on tax reform. Senator Jeff Flake who was on the train, seemed upset by the crash. Nevertheless, we can safely predict that this crash is nothing compared to the coming 2018 crash of the GOP.

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