L’Etat c’est moi

Redacción Agencias | 1/11/2018, 2:34 p.m.
L’Etat c’est moi

In an address to the Parliament of Paris, Louis XIV also known as the Sun King said “I am the state,” thereby asserting his right to rule as he wished. In an impromptu interview Donald Trump gave to a New York Times reporter the president stated that he can do what he wants with the Justice Department. He truly believes he is the law or he is above the law, or he is the state.

The issue came up when the interviewer was questioning the president about the investigation led by Robert Mueller, III. Trump said several times that “there is no collusion,” with Russia and that he believes Mueller will treat him fairly. But just in case, he also seemed to be telling us that if he doesn’t think the investigators are treating him fairly, that he will take steps to stop them, perhaps fire them, fire Mueller. He has said in previous interviews that he is angry at Jeff Sessions because the Attorney General recused himself from he Russia investigation. “I think is very unfair to the president.” Furthermore, after firing FBI Director James Comey Trump said that the main reason was because he wanted to get rid of the Russia investigation. In recent days Trump and his lawyers and members of his team have attempted to discredit Bob Mueller and the FBI pointing out to the firing of an agent whose emails showed an anti-Trump bias.

But Mueller’s reputation is such that the president would encounter great resistance to the firing. Republicans are concerned about the election of 2018 when they could lose control of Congress. The recent special election in Alabama in which Trump’s candidate Roy Moore lost, has been seen as a message to Trump and the Republicans. However, Trump seems to be more concerned about maintaining the base which stands now in the low 30s. Trump is a narcissistic person who needs his ego constantly supplied with praise from his underlings. He has taken credit for the economy even though the upward trend began with Barack Obama.

He is determined to tell us that his views are the truth even if empirical evidence tells the world that he is wrong. From the start he exaggerated the size of the crowd at his inaugural, he exaggerated the results of the election the gave Hillary Clinton the popular vote. He claims to have done more than any other president in his first year in office and he said the tax bill that was approved by a narrow margin is for the benefit of the middle class. The recent elections in Virginia and Alabama may be seen as a rejection of Trump. If the GOP loses control of Congress in 2018, the Democrats will start impeachment proceedings. Two members of his team have pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI. He stated that he can do as he wishes with the Justice Department, but he will find out right away that he is not a king, just a pawn in Putin’s global strategy.

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