Infidels at the gate

Editorial | 7/28/2018, 10:43 a.m.
Infidels at the gate

Trump’s recent actions remind many of the final days of many other rulers who became convinced of their invulnerability. Pinochet, Trujillo, Somoza and dozens of other satraps, all came to an end. Saddam Hussein’s final days were tragic for millions of Iraqis but caused laughter to the world media mostly because of the way his information minister behaved. Hussein bragged of his prowess until the end, but was found hiding in hole near his place of birth. Gadaffi was found in a culvert, captured and killed. But our system has protections that have enabled us to get rid of presidents without resorting to violence. We are different. There is a process to follow according to our constitution, a formal transmission of power that avoids violent endings.

Nixon resisted until he was given no choice, and resigned in disgrace. When Nixon fired his Attorney General he had already become isolated and would soon resign. Perhaps when Trump’s legal maneuvers are exhausted we will see the end of his disgraceful turn at the wheel. Trump tends to provide his own assessment of where he is with respect to the investigations brought by the Special Counsel and the law suits from his former lovers. For five days following the Stormy Daniels interview, Trump has not been seen at a public event. Trump’s lawyers are leaving, and there is no criminal defense attorneys left on his team.

Trump stated that lawyers want to work for him, but he has been unable to sign up some of the best known legal minds. Two significant issues he is addressing right now require steady and powerful minds to fight the legal battles. He is facing Robert Mueller and his investigation and he also wants to lead the GOP forces on the “culture wars,” which involve the second amendment and the border wall. His lawyers continue to assert that they are not discussing pardons but that denial puzzles critics because that is not illegal, the president has the power to pardon people. The problem is that he cannot address potential witnesses against him promising to pardon them after they give testimony to the Special Counsel--that would be obstruction of justice.

Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands in front of the national press to explain Trump’s actions and she has done it for months with aplomb and often reacting with sarcasm and anger towards the press. Trump cheated on his wife, but the coverup is the reason he is in trouble. He denies links to Russia but the prosecutors will disagree. Ms. Huckabee might be risking to turn her image into that of the Iraqi information minister known as “Baghdad Bob,” who made ridiculous predictions about how the Gulf War would end. He said the Americans were surrendering while American tanks were at the gate. In one of his funniest interventions he said: “There are no American infidels in Baghdad.” Well, Sarah, there are infidel lawyers at the gates of the White House, and you cannot stop them.

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