Editorial | 9/7/2018, 11:40 a.m.

We know Donald Trump attempts everyday and by any means to distract us from the many legal, ethical, political and personal problems that surround him. It is very clear that he has decided that Russia is a real problem for him, for Donald Trump Jr., for the people who attended that infamous meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. The evidence is so clear that he knows he no longer can deny the reasons for the meeting and his former lawyer Michael Cohen has provided other evidence.

Trump cannot deny that he knew about payments to two women right before the election of 2016. Cohen testified in open court that he paid them under direct orders from Trump. Trump wrote the letter that lied about the reasons for the Trump Tower meeting. Trump lied to the media when they asked him if he knew about the payments. Trump said there was no collusion with the Russians but later said that even if he did have something to do with Russia that there was nothing wrong with it because he was not conspiring. Donald Trump finally confessed the nature of the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. with the Russians. “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time politics--it went nowhere,” wrote the president.

It is amazing that his critics in the “fake” media have not made more about it. It is an admission that Donald Trump Jr. lied when he said the meeting was about discussing Russian adoptions. This false statement, we know now, was dictated but the president himself. What Trump Jr. and two of the president’s closest advisers did could be considered collusion. So, we have payments to two women to influence the election and collusion with the Russians to influence the election. The president must know, as well as Giuliani and his whole legal team at the White House, is that the president’s tweets, and his outrageous statements on everything, indicate a state of siege for the administration. And Trump’s response to the justified attacks on his presidency is to create fictional crises with North Korea, with Iran, and now with China. He knows that Russia is a problem, so he is claiming the China hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails. The problem with that claim is that there is no evidence that China did anything regarding Hillary’s emails but we have Trump on video asking the Russians to “find the thirty thousand lost emails” belonging to Hillary Clinton.

More evidence of the way he has attempted to distract us from the real problems of his presidency: he organized two summits in a hurry, one with Kim Jong Un and one with Vladimir Putin with only one objective, to distract our attention from the troubles at home. Kim Jong Un by all accounts continues his atomic.

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